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The biggest reason you struggle with chemistry is because you find it hard to understand. This site explains in clear to understand articles key concepts to help you succeed. In the process, you discover chemistry is actually interesting!



Finally A Source You Can Understand



All too often, every new explanation is like every other old explination. Every textbook explains it all in about the same way. Don’t get me wrong, though. Textbooks on the whole do a great job. But if you don’t get it from one textbook, you probably won’t get it from any other one.



Here to Inform



That’s where this site comes in. Topics for articles revolve around what students collectively have problems understanding. No previous knowledge is assumed. Even if you have previous knowledge, trouble understanding one things often comes from a misunderstanding of the basics.


One special section also goes in depth to reveal organic chemistry. 



Who Writes This?



The understanding of what causes students to struggle comes from more than ten years teaching college chemistry, with a Ph.D. in chemistry. So you are getting this straight from the source.



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If you are determined to dig in and get started with a journey you will never regret, look around the blog and settle in.



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